Heavy Vehicle Pilot/Escort course

Nationally Accredited

Conducted all over WA by people who do the job

Our HV Pilot/Escort course are approved by Main Roads WA. You will receive a national certificate of competency once completed. When you complete a course with Competent Solutions you will leave knowing you have the skills and knowledge to go out on the road.

Nationally Accredited 

TLIB0002 Carry out Vehicle inspections

TLIC3010 Pilot or escort oversized and/or over massed loads

TLIE3009 Use pilot and escort communications

TLIF3013 Coordinate breakdowns and emergencies

TLIF3060 Control traffic as a pilot vehicle operator

& Bridge Supervision.

How to get your Pilot License

Do you….

  • Hold a current non-probationary C class drivers license
  • Pass a WA Heavy Vehicle Pilot training course


Go the MainRoads WA website or click on the link.


got it all? then…


A Pilot License issued by Main Roads Western Australia is valid for 3 years

Pilot replacement card form

Send us an enquiry

Download our enrolment form below

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